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Podfic: Listen

Title: Listen (text link)
Author: MoreThanSlightly (cadignan)
Reader: striped_bowties
Rating: Teen and up
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Parings: Allison Argent/Lydia Martin
Summary: Lydia learns more about her powers. (A coda to "Letharia Vulpina.")
Reader’s notes: (Wow, have I really not published anything since November?)
So hey, I'm alive guys! Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I'll hopefully get back to more regular recordings from now on. I do have a longer merthur podfic that I'm hoping to publish in a few days, so I guess that's a start at least!
I rarely record podfics for stories this short, but there was just no way I could have resisted this one. It was love at first read.
Length: 00.11.00
Download: mp3, m4b